Why Collapsible Rigid Paper Box is popular?

In order to improve the unboxing experience of consumer,more and more brands start to attach the importance on the packaging,The Set-up Rigid Boxes are a very common type of packaging,which are often associated with luxury products. Compare to average folding carton,the rigid boxes are not usually printed on directly and instead wrapped with paper that can be as plain or luxurious as desired.

Rigid boxes, as the name suggests, are rigid and sturdy. Imagine of the classic “Shoe Box”. If you’ve ever purchased a nice pair of shoes or heels, they will have been packaged in a rigid box. Board games are another classic example of rigid box packaging.  iPhones and other high-end electronics use rigid boxes, as do many beauty and high-end food products and spirits, just to name a few.

Today,we’ll recommend one special rigid paper box for you,we call it as collapsible rigid box,compare to regular rigid paper box,

The foldable rigid box can be folded into flat status during the shipping condition,but it can be assebly as rigid box with in 1 minutes to pack the items perfectly,meanwhile, the collapsible rigid box has 2 pieces of magnets on the front panel for the box seal or closure.

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