What is Ivory paper used in paper box?

Normally,190gsm,210gsm,230gsm,250gsm,300gsm,350gsm,400gsm Ivory paper are available in the market of bespoke paper box

Ivory paper,also called C1S cardboard paper,is a type of paper with a glossy white outer side and a white inner side with a rough texture,can be printed on one side,not two sides,which is commonly used in printed product paper box.

Ivory paper characteristics:

(1) Good quantitative and thickness uniformity, high stiffness and bulk, and good cross-cutting box performance.

(2) The paper has high whiteness, stable hue, uniform and fine coating, small roughness and good dot reduction.

(3) The gloss is stable, the evenness is good, the printed products are bright and beautiful, and the layering is strong.

Available Gram weight:


Usually Size:787*1092mm ,889*1194mm

The white card paper are usually used for Food paper box packaging, cosmetic gift box, cigarette packs and various electronic product packaging

white paper box
recycled cardboard packaging

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