Let’s talk about lamination on paper bag

As we all know, in the printing process of paper bags, laminating is a very important process, which plays a very key role in the quality of the whole finished product

The importance of lamination for printing paper bags.

  1. Increase the load-bearing of paper bags, making them more solid to lift heavier weights.
  2. The paper bag will be waterproof to protect inside items

The requirements for paper material:
If you require lamination on the paper bag, the surface of paper material should be smooth, then the lamination film and paper material can be bond tightly, so it will not appear bubbles and other kinds of defects affect the beauty during the process of lamination.
Generally speaking, coated paper, ivory card, black card are the main raw materials to produce the paper bag, these paper bags need to be laminated during the whole process of production.

No laminating material is needed.

  1. Because the kraft paper are made of wood fibers directly pressed, are long fibers. In the load-bearing than other materials can withstand more weight, plus the surface is not very smooth, easy to form bubbles, resulting in the appearance of not beautiful, used in general, kraft paper we are not laminated.
  2. Some pursuit of the feel of special paper kraft paper bags, generally will not be laminated. As people now for quality requirements, in the development of kraft paper bags raw materials, there are a lot of special paper, such as tactile paper, pearl paper, skin-filled paper, etc., these raw materials have a characteristic of the paper as far as possible to imitate the texture of other materials, since the embodiment of the texture, then you need to directly touch with your hands, produce a feeling, join us in this material laminated, then where there is What feel, are the same slippery feeling, then lost the meaning of doing special paper, used in general, with special paper made of kraft paper bags, we are generally not laminated
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