how to make a paper gift bag looking pretty?

Thoughtful gifts deserve special gift bags.

Make an impression with your presents courtesy of Hrenary packaging gift bags. Our range of rich textures and gorgeous prints have something to suit every taste, and help your loved one feel extra special.

Normally,crafting an unforgettable and personalized gifting experience with unique finishing on the surface of printed gift paper bags.Following finishing will be priorities:

Foil hot stamping

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a printing method of relief printing in which pre-dried ink or foils are transferred to a surface at high temperatures,which is the most common printing packaging a process, it can be hot stamping a variety of colors of gold, not hot stamping is gold, the effect is also relatively clear and significant, the most intuitive expression of a process approach, hot stamping process is through the hot stamping version of the change to show a sense of metal and a stronger sense of three-dimensional hot stamping way.


glitter gift bags

Glitter is the process of attaching gold onion powder to the printed material.

Its process is first of all, the location of the need to sprinkle powder coated with glue, and then sprinkled with gold powder, after pressure, will not need to sprinkle gold clean location, and then on the surface of the transparent glue fixed, and finally dried, so that the gold powder is fixed in the corresponding location, play a role in enhancing the grade of printed materials

Hrenary packaging 10 years professional manufacturer in gift paper bags,can provide one-stop solution for your printed paper bags,Let The Gift Bag be your gift wrapping valet!!!

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