Complete Guide to types of tuck top boxes

With auto lock bottom

The Tuck Top Auto Bottom Paper Box is one of the most popular packaging box style due to its strong auto-locked bottom. It can be made of a single layer paperboard, like white lined chipboard, SBS paperboard, kraft board for the modest weight take-out food packaging box

1-2-3 bottom

A.k.a. Snap bottom tuck top box, The difference is that the bottom of the box is put together with four interlocking panels. This gives the box more rigidity to hold heavier products but with an added assembly time. There are some size limitations because of how the four bottom panels have to line up and lock together to keep in mind when designing structure.

Roll end box

A RETT is a non-glued box that closes by rolling the sides in and closing the lid with a tuck top. This can be modified to close with cherry locks that tuck into the front of the box also. Because it is not glued, there is more flexibility in the sizes that can be manufactured, but may also take longer to assemble. A RETT has a quality open box experience as the end user lifts the lid away from them, nicely presenting what is inside

Reverse tuck top

The RTE box wastes less paperboard during the die-cutting than the STE box and therefore is more cost effective.

Like STE box, it costs little effort to assemble quickly.

With a friction lock closure flap on top and a slit lock tuck closure flap on bottom, as shown in the picture, the paper box is easy to open and close, while remaining impossible to open inadvertently at its base.

Not suitable for the packaging of the heavy products

The bottom raw edge will show on the face of the product, making it less aesthetically pleasing than the Straight Tuck End Box..

Straight tuck top

An STE has tuck tabs on the same side of the top and bottom edges to open and close the box. Putting the tuck tabs on the back side of the box creates a clean transition for artwork on the front panel to the top and bottom panels of the box. This style is very flexible in the sizes that can be manufactured and custom modifications that can be made.

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