What is the difference between screen printing and Spot Uv?

Silk screen
Silk Sceen
Spot UV

1. Cost comparison

Traditional screen printing requires film plate making, and its own printing cost is relatively expensive, and the screen printing points cannot be eliminated, and mass production is required to reduce costs, which cannot achieve small batch or individual product printing.

Spot UV printing does not require such a complicated typesetting design, only simple image processing is required. After calculating the relevant values, you can directly use the software to operate, and you can print a product, inkjet printer, no minimum number, from some It also saves a lot of time and cost.

2. Process comparison

The screen printing process is relatively complicated. Based on the original manuscript, the plate making and printing processes are selected according to different printing materials. There are many specific process types, and different printer materials have different processes. The overall operation is quite troublesome.

The process of UV lithography is relatively simple. You only need to put the material to be printed on the rack, fix the position, and simply typesetting and positioning the selected high-definition picture in the software, and you can start printing. The overall printer mode for different materials is the same, but a few materials need to use coating and varnish effects.

3. Comparison of printing effects

The screen printing finished pattern has poor firmness, is easy to be scratched off, and is not waterproof. After printing, it will take some time to dry completely.

The color of UV lithographic printing is relatively comprehensive. The unique color management system does not need to adjust the color by yourself. The printing effect is bright in color. The printed product also has many advantages such as waterproof, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The most important point is that it is not affected by the material. Restrictions, as long as the size of the printing format and the degree of concave and convex are within the allowable range of the printer, it can be printed

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