What is Spot UV printing ?

Maybe you usually come across the term”Spot UV” in customized paper box or bag,today,we will take you to learn the details of Spot UV.

Spot UV.also Spot Gloss/Varnish, involves the clear&shiny UV coating are applied to specific area of print matters rather than coating the entire surface to create an eye-catching effect.


  What’s the standard process of UV coating?The sheets are fed through

Machines with rollers,which will be applied under Infra Red and UV lamps which dries it instantly.then, the UV varnish will be spread across a die-cut template, finally apiece of  thin film will be attached on the designated area on the surface of the printing matters.you will find the   contrasting effect between Spot UV area and remaining area.

Spot uv varnish

Why we choose Spot UV finishing for paper gift box or bag?What is the benefits of Spot UV?Following share some benefits points of spot UV:

Incredible Shine: Spot UV effect on the package will cause more attention from consumers . It’s aesthetically beautiful and adds a touch of sophistication to any package.

High Clarity and Readability: Although the spot UV printing does add a glossy look to your retail packaging, each word is still clearly legible and easy to read.

Protective Against Smudges: Packaging gets handled a lot. And although it’s no one’s fault, sometimes your design can be marred by smudges and fingerprints. Spot UV can help prevent that by offering a protective layer between the packaging and constant handling.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe: Because spot UV coating is so precise, the coating itself stays exactly where it’s placed and doesn’t escape into the air, making it a great option if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly packaging option.

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