What is Digital Printing and Offset Printing in paper package industry?

offset printing

digital printing

  1. The definition of Digital Printing and Offset Printing?

  Digital Printingit use printer to transfer image onto paper directly,without any printing plate,which is better suited for short run printing with small MOQ.

  Offset Printingit use printer to transfer an image onto a rubber “blanket”, and then rolling that image onto a sheet of paper. Which is better suited for higher volume printing.The more quantity is,the more economic the whole cost. 

  • what is the main difference between Digital and Offset printing:

A Setup and Preparation:

Digital printing can directly print the files you sent,eliminating the printing plate or other additional preparations.

Offset printing requires more time and additional cost to prepare printing plate for different colors used in print job,for example,if you want to print CMYK,then you need prepare 4 pcs printing plate,if you want to print Pantone color,you also prepare the plate accordingly.


Digital printing is more economical fro short print jobs with small MOQ,as it do not need to prepare printing plate and other additional preparation.

  Offset printing becomes more cost-effective for larger print runs. The more quantity is,the more economic the whole cost. 

C.Printing quality and Color Accuracy:

   Digital printing can offers high-quality results with simple text and images.The quality of color is not better than offset printing.

  Offset printing can offers high image quality with color-matching accuracy compare to digital printing,. The use of Pantone color matching systems in offset printing ensures consistent color reproduction.

F.Turnaround Time:

  Digital printing offers faster turnaround times since it does not require extensive setup. The files can be sent directly to the printer, allowing for quick printing and delivery.Normally,it is about 2-3 days to prepare one printing job with digital printing.

  Offset printing will need longer turnaround time compare to digital printing,as it will involved a lot of complicated and time-consuming process,such as preparing printing plate,color-matching adjustment etc.

Based on above points,we can see that digital and offset are both useful printing methods,Each have particular benefits depending on your project’s requirements. When you need larger runs of a project, offset printing is the suitable choice for you,only way to go. If you intend to print less quantity paper,then the digital is best solution,of course,some clients ask for high-quality text and image on the paper with small quantity,you can also choose offset for the project.

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