what is Corrugated Mailer Box?

Hrenary packaging is a prominent Chinese manufacturer offering various corrugated mailer boxes for retailers and merchandisers. The company provides custom E flute and B flute corrugated mailer boxes, corrugated mailing boxes, corrugated postage boxes, and corrugated cutout wraps. These boxes are commonly used for product delivery to customers.

Silk Screen Printing corrugated mailer box, kraft mailer box

Corrugated Mailer Box Printing:

The printing of corrugated mailer boxes employs flexographic, offset, and silk screen printing methods. Flexographic printing is suitable for strong mailers with no specific printing requirements, while offset printing is chosen for high-quality images. Silk screen printing is widely used for simple text, lines, and patterns.

Litho Printed E flute corrugated mailer box, flat shipped corrugated postage box

Finish for the Corrugated Mailer Box:

Laminating and varnishing are commonly used finishes for corrugated printed boxes. Both finishes come in glossy and matte options. Laminating provides better strength, durability, and water resistance. UV varnishing is a more expensive option for achieving a glossy finish. Mailer boxes are sometimes printed inside and outside for enhanced visual appeal.

Corrugated Mailer Box Styles:

Two common box styles for mailers are roll end tuck top boxes and roll end locked front boxes. These self-locked boxes are made of double corrugated board walls, providing exceptional strength for shipping via courier companies like FedEx, UPS, TNT, and USPS.

Corrugated mailer box printed inside and otuside

Corrugated Board for the Mailer:

B flute and E flute corrugated boards are primarily used for corrugated mailer boxes, offering thicknesses of 1.8mm and 2.8mm, respectively. These mailers are suitable for retail products and electronics packaging.

Corrugated Cutout Wrap:

An alternative to roll end tuck style mailer boxes is the corrugated cutout wrap. This die-cut folder, used for flat items like books, has flaps on all four sides forming the walls and cover of the mailer box.

cutout Wraps With Foldable Sides

Free Mailer Dieline Template:

The company provides a free dieline template upon request, allowing designers to incorporate print designs accurately. Clients can email specific box dimensions to receive a customized dieline.

Artwork and Dieline of the Corrugated Mailer Box

Artwork and Dieline of the Corrugated Mailer Box:

Corrugated mailer boxes are designed for postage, ensuring strength and durability during transportation. They are typically sent through courier companies like FedEx, UPS, TNT, and DHL. The box structure resists rough handling, and options include kraft paper without printing, flexo printing, or litho printing on one or both sides.

Fold a Corrugated Mailer Step By Step:

  1. Fold the front and back panels upward, then fold the flaps inward.
  2. While keeping front and back panels in place, fold side panels up and over, tucking tabs into the bottom to lock them.
  3. Close the box by pulling the lid down, placing flaps inside, and folding the front flap downward, rolling ears into crevices on each side.
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